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To put it simply, Page Beauty provides expert hairstyling and makeup. But we're more than a do+go hair and makeup team. 


From the start, we design looks with our brides much like a courtier would before designing a custom gown. We ask questions, answer questions and exchange ideas with our bride's vision in mind.


We offer beauty routine suggestions and product recommendations with the purpose of getting our bride's hair and makeup ready for the wedding. 


For the welcome party, rehearsal dinner and additional wedding events, we'll customize a beauty design board to coordinate with the wardrobe and ambience of each event.

Finally on the wedding day, lead artists stay on-hand to ensure our bride remains camera-ready while we're by her side, from hair to makeup to the gown and bouquet. As some of the first people our brides see on their wedding morning, we help set the tone while supporting her personal and emotional needs. It's this bridal concierge service that's the unexpected perk most brides didn't know they needed.

Page Beauty, wedding makeup and hair artists for the modern bride

Wedding Services

The Partial Day 

Taking care of you right up to your ceremony

Our goal is to ensure you look gorgeous in person and in your wedding portraits that last forever. By providing touchups with our bridal service, you can enjoy every moment of your wedding and leave any concern about how you look to us.


Wedding mornings begin with Page Beauty artists arriving on time, ready to create beauty within a well-organized schedule of services. To ensure a relaxing getting-ready experience, we schedule (2) hours for the bride's hair and makeup and include three (3) additional hours for bridal touchups for pre-ceremony portraits. 


Mindful of your photographer's timing, additional services for the bridal party, family and guests are scheduled at an hour per person, avoiding a rush through services and most importantly, everyone runs on time.


For time enduring-looks, we use a combination of luxury, clean and renowned beauty products, and performance over trend is priority.

Starts at: $2300

The Full Day

For every camera-ready moment + a second look

Our Full Day service includes six (6) hours of touchup and concierge service, ensuring you're camera ready pre- and post-ceremony. 


While your photographer focuses on the composition and emotion of each frame, we focus on how you look. We discretely stay close at hand during portraits, moving hair back in place, swiping the makeup brush where needed, adjusting the bouquet and gown placement, and looking at every detail of you so you can enjoy every moment without worry.


Our concierge service also includes assistance with your gown as you move from one location to another, handling your bouquet and veil when needed, ensuring you're staying hydrated and nourished, and most importantly, supporting your overall well-being throughout your day. 

Time permitting, we'll quickly restyle your hair and makeup for a second look or for ease of dancing, and you can get back to your party in no time. 

By the end of your wedding day, you'll have experienced every moment with an abundance of ease.

Starts at: $3200

"IT WAS amazing HAVING TOUCHUPS throughout THE DAY.

I LOOK perfect IN all OF MY PHOTOS.

- Cortnee L, Los Angeles

Destination Weddings

We'll travel the world for you

From Napa to Mexico to a private island in the Bahamas, we love packing our kits and traveling to stunning destinations, offering full service experiences every day we're on site.


Scheduled for a minimum of eight (8) hours, we'll keep you camera-ready with on-demand hand hair and makeup touchups and personal assistance throughout your day. When it's time for your second gown, we'll quickly update your hair and makeup to coordinate with your next look. All the while, we'll step in when needed and provide support as you navigate the many stages of your wedding.


With consideration for each day's event, we'll help plan your hair and makeup in advance with custom design boards to coordinate with each wardrobe change.


Showcasing your beauty with your personal style is fundamental to a very happy bride. Knowing you have the right artists by your side every day of your wedding celebration is priceless. 


Alison Laesser-Keck


Page Beauty, top bridal and wedding hair and makeup team

In-Studio Preview Session

With your vision, we'll create

Preview sessions are an opportunity to meet and work with our artists as they design your ceremony hair and makeup.


Hosted at our private studio in Venice Beach, we dive into your hair and makeup inspiration, identify likes and dislikes about hair and makeup, and consider the style of your gown and the overall feel of your wedding.

Additionally, we offer preparation tips to get your hair and skin ready for your wedding weekend, and follow up with links to products specific to your needs.


Whether minimalist or fashion-forward, Page Beauty artists hone in on your personal sense of style and comfort level in hair and makeup so you feel like you on your wedding day.

Pre-Wedding +

Engagement Sessions

Let us get to know you and your story

Your pre-wedding and engagement portraits should represent you exactly as you are, and it's our job to honor your beauty with expertly styled hair and makeup for lasting looks. Whether you're shooting on the beach or in an art gallery, looks are created with the environmental setting in mind and your personal style at the forefront.

And bonus, you'll have the opportunity of getting to know us a little better before your big day. 


We're available to go on-site for touchups or look changes, or meet at our studio for an easy do + go service.

Page Beauty, wedding makeup and hair artists for the modern bride
Page Beauty, wedding makeup and hair artists for the modern bride
Page Beauty, wedding makeup and hair artists for the modern bride

Welcome Party, Rehearsal Dinner, et al.

Weddings encompass more than the ceremony

As your photographer captures frame-able moments at your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, or any of your wedding events, we'll make sure you look as gorgeous as on your wedding day.


Additional events might also include the bridal shower, bridal soiree, boudoir photo shoot, couple's editorial and farewell brunch.


Where it's captured on film, you'll look and feel amazing.


The Lane

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